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Mike O'Mara has been working professionally as a music and theater educator and performer since 2000. He currently maintains a private piano, composition and vocal coaching studio containing students of all ages and experience levels. Mike holds a Master’s and a Bachelor’s degree from DePaul University’s School of Music in Music Composition with added emphasis on vocal education, where he studied composition with Dr. Kurt Westerberg, piano with Dimitry Paperno, harpsichord with Roger Goodman and choral work with Dr. Clayton Parr.

As a teacher, Mike has become known for taking on the students other instructors wouldn’t and inspiring them with his unique methodology,  repertoire and opportunities for personal expression. Over his 20 year professional teaching career, Mike's students have ranged from both children and adult beginners to fellow professionals, and their goals for study have been just as varied as their ages and ability levels. Whether a student is looking to win auditions, enter college as a music major, or simply for the love of the arts and the enjoyment that comes with artistic study, Mike's studio is open to all.

As a composer, lyricist and writer, Mike’s choral, orchestral, musical theatre works and plays have been performed by numerous ensembles, from grade schools to universities in America and abroad.

Mike was the winner of the 2012 and 2013 “Silver Platter” award for Compositional Excellence from the American Choral Directors’ Association. He continues to collaborate creatively with several other professional partners in the realms of composition, book and lyric writing, and arranging of scores, in addition to creating numerous original theater and choral works for children, teens and adult professionals. Mike has written or arranged over 120 pieces for choir and penned over 35 full-length works for the stage as of July 2021.

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